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At Kirkman Attorneys at Law, we understand that a divorce, custody, or family dispute may be one of the most difficult, stressful, and emotionally trying experiences of a person’s life.  Our family lawyers and divorce attorneys stand ready to help you achieve your goals, protect your rights, and obtain the best possible outcome. Our focus when representing you will be to help you resolve your legal problems in the best way possible so that you can move forward in life with confidence.

The Greensboro based divorce lawyers and family law attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law bring extensive, award-winning experience to each and every case. We provide results-oriented representation in all aspects of divorce and family law, including child custody, child support, alimony, spousal support, and equitable distribution (property division) among others. We have in-depth knowledge of the law and procedures used in Greensboro, High Point, Guilford County, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina, which helps us develop effective strategies for obtaining successful results. Having helped thousands of families through difficult times, we understand the legal, financial, and personal issues you face. We will work closely with you from the moment we take your case until all matters are resolved. You will always have someone to turn to for guidance on difficult legal questions, and you can count on us for clear answers that does not take a lawyer to understand. Our family law attorneys and divorce lawyers will work tirelessly to achieve your goals and protect your best interests.

We Are Known For Solving the Complex.

Our divorce lawyers and family law attorneys excel at handling cases involving complex property division, financial strategies, business valuations and tax issues. We are known for our skilled management, resolution, and litigation of complex cases involving the welfare of children, including child custody, visitation, and paternity cases. While we strive to resolve family disputes in an amicable fashion and without going to the courts, we always operate with our client’s best interests as our foremost priority. When a case requires litigation or trial in order to be resolved properly, we have the experience in the courtroom and the trial skills to provide assertive and effective representation to accomplish our client’s goals.

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Retain a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer

From negotiations to divorce trial and appellate proceedings, we represent clients through every stage of divorce. Whether you are facing a high net worth divorce, you are a small business owner going through a separation, or need trusted legal counsel, we are here to help. Let us offer the professional guidance you need to put your mind at ease.

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Compassionate & Caring Family Law Attorneys

Few events in life are as painful or stressful as a divorce, especially when there is a dispute over child custody or spousal support. When confronted with family law issues, it is important to have an attorney on your side who cares. At Kirkman Attorneys at Law, our team of experienced, efficient attorneys understands the dynamics of divorce and family law, as well as the emotional aspects of these life-changing events. Clients appreciate the personalized attention from our divorce lawyers, and they often rave about our practical advice and unique team approach. From our offices in Greensboro, our divorce lawyers and family law attorneys focus on promoting the best interests of children, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and grandparents in Greensboro, High Point, and all of Guilford County.

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We Care. We Listen. We Advocate.

We care deeply about the people we serve. We take time to listen to our clients, understand their concerns and develop sound legal strategies designed to achieve their objectives.

When you or your spouse or partner makes the decision to dissolve your marriage, our attorneys will remain supportive in assisting you to protect your rights, security, and your children. We will help you work toward a resolution that suits your family’s needs. Our Greensboro divorce lawyers and family law attorneys  provide unparalleled representation with an innovative, practical, and problem-solving approach. As one of Guilford County’s most respect law firms, we are equipped to offer a range of services tailored to meet the personal needs of our clients.

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Resolving All Issues in Divorce & Separation

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We will seek solutions to every part of your divorce, including:
Child custody and parenting time
Child support
Dividing non-retirement and retirement assets and debts
Spousal support (alimony)

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Put a Renowned Authority To Work For You Today

While we are known for representing high-net-worth individuals and their spouses, local politicians, local celebrities, professional athletes, business owners, doctors, attorneys, and other professionals, we also represent everyday people from all walks of life. We are committed to providing the same high-quality value-oriented service to each of our valued clients.

Our Greensboro based family law attorneys are known for their high degree of competence and care and are recognized as leaders in family law. Our attorneys have been honored time and time again, including listings in Best Lawyers in America, North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine, and Business North Carolina’s Legal Elite among others. Our lawyers have been featured and interviewed by the news media as legal experts and often speak at law schools and teach courses to other lawyers on the law. Each of our lawyers is highly accomplished and offers the skilled representation that is critical in family law matters. As a client of our Greensboro based law firm, you will receive the extraordinary high-quality legal representation you deserve and require.

John W. Kirkman, Jr. and Adam W. Arthur are widely regarded as two of the most effective divorce lawyers and family law attorneys serving the Greensboro area and the communities of Guilford County, including Summerfield and Oak Ridge. Individually, they have obtained favorable outcomes in some of the most complex and high-profile Guilford County family law matters. Together, the firm is a formidable team providing unparalleled service and superior results.

With an expansive practice having a focus on families, Kirkman Attorneys at Law, provides the skillful representation necessary to protect its clients’ best interests. Our attorneys have the tact and discretion to resolve matters sensibly; plus the fierce determination and skill necessary to litigate. Whether through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or litigation, our Greensboro attorneys are diligent in their pursuit of a resolution that provides the most benefit to our clients.

At the law firm of Kirkman Attorneys at Law, we have dedicated our practice to helping our clients navigate all of the family issues they encounter. Our lawyers do more than provide you with advice regarding your options. We negotiate effectively and litigate aggressively to help you reach your goals, protect your rights, and achieve the best possible outcome.

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Providing Zealous Advocacy For The Most Complex Family Law Cases

We often represent people who have significant assets they need to protect, such as business owners, celebrities and professional athletes. We also handle high-conflict divorce cases, including those involving domestic violence and contested child custody. When you come to Kirkman Attorneys at Law, you can count on knowledgeable attorneys, zealous advocacy, and personalized attention.

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Contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney Today!

Our firm’s attorneys have dedicated their careers to helping families develop and secure long-term family legal solutions. We are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you in any family law matter. When you are facing legal decisions that will shape the rest of your life, work with a team of compassionate attorneys with the dedication you need and deserve. Contact an award-winning divorce lawyer and family law attorney today online or by calling (336) 274-7898 at Kirkman Attorneys at Law. We stand ready to help you. Let us make a difficult situation better.

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