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The adoption attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law are experienced and fully equipped to handle every detail of your adoption process. Deciding to take a child in as your own can bring unspeakable blessings into your family’s household. Our attorneys stand ready to guide and assist you from start to finish through the adoption process. In North Carolina, adoption is strictly regulated and controlled by the General Statutes.

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  • Adopting an Infant
  • Adopting a Relative
  • Adopting a Stepchild(ren)
  • Finding a better home for a child

Adoption has two significant impacts. First, the adoption creates a new and permanent legal relationship between the adopting parent and the adoptee (child). Second, the adoption permanently severs all legal relationships between the adoptee (child) and his or her biological parents. Since the parent-child relationship is a foundation of our society and an adoption severs and creates anew the parent-child relationship, the State of North Carolina closely regulates the adoption process through the General Statutes. Following the adoption, the adopting family will enjoy the same legal status as if the child was born of the adopting parents.

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Our Greensboro adoption lawyers stand ready to help you through the adoption process. Contact the adoption attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law today online or by calling (336) 274-7898.

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