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Greensboro Appeallate Lawyer: Appealing an Order or Judgment

If you are unhappy with the results of your North Carolina divorce or family law case, it is important that you see the assistance of a divorce lawyer or family law attorney that has experience in handling divorce appeals and other appeals regarding family law maters. A party has the right to seek review of the trial court’s decision by filing with the county’s clerk of court a notice of appeal to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The North Carolina Court of Appeals will review the record (which consists of all the relevant court filings and a transcript of the hearing), along with a legal brief written by each of the parties. The North Carolina Court of Appeals grants a limited number of oral arguments and as a result the vast majority of appeals are decided solely upon the record and the legal briefs submitted by the parties.

Errors by the Court Should Be Appealed

Persons appealing divorce and family court matters face an up hill battle. Appeals are lengthy and can take many months to be resolved. The trial court has broad discretion in family law matters which makes it difficult to win an appeal on many family law issues. A decision should be appealed when the trial court made an error interpreting the law or there is a need and widely held view that current case law should be changed. While a party may be dissatisfied with the outcome of their case, the North Carolina Court of Appeals will not overturn the decision of the trial court if the trial court’s decision is an accurate interpretation of the law. As a result, it is important to discuss with a family lawyer your likelihood of success on appeal.

Superior Appellate Skills

We have over a decades of experience handling family law matters and we know how to protect your rights. An appeal of a trial court decision requires careful legal research, superior writing, and persuasive argument skills. Whether you are seeking to overturn or uphold a trial court’s ruling, let us apply our experience and skills to protect your rights.

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