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Enforcement of Settlement & Separation Agreements

It is your right to let the courts know that your divorce, separation, support, or other settlement agreement is not being followed. Our attorneys can help you chart the best course of action to get your ex to comply. Our team of attorneys and professional staff will help you build your case. We have years of experience dealing with situations exactly like yours and we know what steps to take to help you through the process.

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Enforcement of Court Orders

The failure to do something that has been ordered by a court is very serious and can carry hefty consequences. If you are seeking to have an order of the court enforced or are facing adverse enforcement proceedings, we can help you. Our attorneys know the process and know how to help. If a party does not comply with a court order, he or she is in “contempt of court.” If a court finds a party to be in contempt of court, the judge welds a significant amount of discretion to compel compliance, including fines, the imposition of attorney’s fees, or even jail. Contempt of court actions are serious and the Greensboro attorneys at Kirkman Law have the skills and experience to protect and pursue your rights.

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Greensboro Enforcement Attorneys

Our family lawyers are strong litigators who will provide assertive representation to protect your rights and achieve your goals. For questions about enforcement to your domestic relations or family law agreements, orders, or judgments, contact our attorneys today by calling (336) 274-7898 or online.

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