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Any divorce case can have a substantial lasting financial impact, however, cases involving high-net-worth individuals not only involve greater amounts at stake, but also more complex issues requiring the skill and attention of an experienced divorce lawyer. Our nationally recognized, award-winning team of divorce attorneys regularly provide sophisticated and skilled representation in divorces involving significant and complicated assets and income. We employ strategies to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome designed to protect their economic interests.

Clients who have substantial assets and/or income need a divorce attorney who has the skill and experience to provide sound and strategic advice to ensure that any resolution, whether through settlement, trial, or other alternative dispute resolution, achieves the maximum asset and income protection. Among the key considerations in any division and distribution are the liquid/non-liquid nature of the assets, the income-producing potential of the assets, how a distribution of the assets impact the need for the payment of child and/or spousal support, investment benefits and consequences of the distribution, as well as possible tax benefits and consequences.

A divorce involving complex financial assets will involve many unique factors. It is critical that your lawyer understands how to manage these issues while working diligently toward a solution that protects your finances and your family’s future. With more than 40 years of combined focused family law experience, the divorce attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law have developed an extensive understanding of the complex financial issues that can be involved in a divorce. We have successfully represented numerous clients with complex financial assets.

Protect Your High-Net-Worth in Divorce

At the law firm of Kirkman Attorneys at Law based in Greensboro, our divorce attorneys have significant experience serving high-income and high-net-worth families. Our divorce attorneys regularly work with high-level executives, business owners, and professionals who maintain significant real estate holdings, own businesses, and have extensive retirement and financial assets. Our nationally recognized divorce lawyers have the litigation experience, dispute resolution experience, as well as the financial insights to help you resolve the complex financial issues presented by your divorce. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you make strategic legal and financial decisions.

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Our lawyers have proven track records in handling all of the personal and financial issues associated with high-income and high-asset divorce. Don’t let a separation or divorce threaten your lifestyle or any high-net-worth assets belonging to you, contact the divorce attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law today online or by calling (336) 274-7898.

Contact a trusted Greensboro lawyer, by calling (336) 274-7898 or online to set up a consultation.

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