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The child support lawyers at Kirkman Attorneys at Law have extensive experience representing men and women in child support disputes. Whether it is establishing child support, modifying or enforcing a previous child support order, or working with the Child Support Enforcement Unit of the Department of Social Services, the lawyers at Kirkman Attorneys at Law can help you navigate the legal process.

All parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children until their children become emancipated. When parents no longer live together it often becomes necessary for the child support obligation of the non-residential, non-custodial be quantified and established in a court order or formal written agreement.

How is the Amount of Child Support Determined?

For the vast majority of parents, the answer is simple – the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines determine the amount of child support. North Carolina has an established formula, using a guideline chart and worksheets to calculate a child support figure. The worksheet takes into account various information such as each parent’s income, the custodial schedule, work-related child care costs, health insurance, any other extraordinary special expenses. Unless the parents agree to use a different child support amount, the court will generally order child support in the amount determined by the child support guidelines.

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